About City Central Co-op

City Central Co-op is a ministry of City Central Church in Tacoma, WA. It is a board-run organization with oversight from City Central elders and was established in 2009. It is a faith-based community of women, committed to raising up a generation of children set apart unto the Lord.

Co-op is a unique community that is made up of a variety of women. It includes single women who have a heart for children and families, first-time moms, single moms, mothers of preschoolers, homeschooling moms, and seasoned moms and grandmas who want to invest in the next generation of women and children. We also have been blessed by families with foster children and can accommodate children with special needs, depending on the circumstances. City Central Co-op is one of the only co-ops in the area without an age requirement for enrollment.

Currently, the families enrolled in co-op have children ranging in age from newborn to 6th grade. We also offer classes for older children if there is a demand of more than five students.