Co-op Classes

A Day at Co-op

Each morning before classes start, we gather together for kid-friendly worship. This is a time when mothers, women, children and infants gather together to worship and pray in a corporate setting before dismissing to classes.

After worship, moms escort their children to class. Half of the women come together for a Women’s Time of sharing, support, fellowship and Bible-based learning while the other half teach the children. Midway through the morning, the two groups trade roles: The ladies from Women’s Time take over in the classroom, freeing up the first group of teachers to gather for Women’s Time.

Mothers with infants aged newborn to 9-12 months keep their babies with them during the day at City Central Co-op. Once a child turns 9 months to a year, they are invited to participate in the Mighty Tykes classroom.


FUN is the focus in our Mighty Tykes, Preschool and Pre-K classes (9 months to 5 years). We utilize creative curriculum to expose children to pre-literacy and basic concepts such as colors, numbers, shapes, and letters through activities like art, music, movement and play. Group classes give us an opportunity to teach classroom skills and socialization in an environment of safety and supervision.

Classes for Kindergarten and older children are primarily enrichment classes. Actual class offerings are determined each year, based on the natural giftings & passions of the women enrolled in co-op. This allows the classes to be varied and doesn’t limit what we are able to do each semester. We are committed to setting women up for a ‘win’ when it is their turn to teach a class. Classes that have been offered in the past are cooking, survival skills, science, Lego physics, music, drama, aviation, photography, Biblical worldview, classic games, art, public speaking, around the world geography, and others.