The Cooperative format of City Central Co-op is made possible by the dedication and participation of each family that attends. Co-op wouldn’t be possible without the women who come and pour out their time and talents in every area from classroom time to field trips and community building.

City Central Elders

The Co-op is overseen by City Central elders Chris Hippe and Dennis Gibson. They pop in from time to time and provide behind-the-scenes support to the planning board.

Planning Board

The planning board is made up of a few long-standing members of City Central Church and Co-op. They are responsible for the day-to-day decisions, finances, purchasing, reimbursement, oversight of committees and head teachers, applications and registration, cleaning and safety, and facilities management.

Co-op Committees

The Co-op Committees are made up of Co-op members who volunteer extra time to organize the Homeschool Huddle, field trips, ladies nights and other fun events.

Head Teachers

Head Teachers change each semester and are appointed by the planning board. They are responsible for putting together a simple syllabus with the help of the planning board and work hard each week to make the classes are a safe and fun environment for the kids.

Helper Teachers

Helper Teachers are paired with Head Teachers to support and help out in each class period. They also change each semester depending on where the need is. Together with Head Teachers, they are the backbone of Co-op each semester.